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MyMim.Me Face Mousse Family Pack 2 x 60 ml

MyMim.Me Face Mousse Family Pack 2 x 60 ml


To stay beautiful, hydrated and healthy the skin needs all the minerals, fatty acids and vitamins every day. Therefore, in the composition of My Mim.Me Face & Body Mousse we have focused on diversity and naturalness.


With a careful selection, we have developed a Universal Skin Mousse with wide range of vitamins, minerals and a fatty acids. No silicones, no parabens, no water to fill the space and no other poisonous chemicals. 100% natural MyMim.Me Mousse contains Pure Oils, Shea, Cocoa and Avocado Butter.


    We are all different personalities with different goals, feelings, physical abilities and - and also, the skin microflora. We know what we need to do to achieve our goals, feel good about ourselves and how to develop a physique, but it is very difficult to know what our skin and its microflora really needs.


    Even more, the needs of your skin may change every day, depending on our diet, lifestyle and current state of health. And just like your whole body, which needs a variety of well absorbing and natural nutrients every day, (sometimes even a little bit more then you think), your skin also needs all those same things. For god sake, it`s the biggest organ in your body so you cannot ignore it`s needs!


    Do you know exactly what kind of vitamin your skin needs the most today? Or what kind of fatty acid? Is it Olein, Arachidine, Gadolein or vitamin A? Well, the thing is that nobody can really know this in case you don`t do a certain skin microbiology test every day. That`s why you need to give your skin all the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids every day – then you skin has a choice and it take from those diverse ingredients The MyMimMe Mousse contains what is the most needed today. 


    It`s important with what you feed your skin, because all that you put in your skin will absorb into your cells. So, from that your body is made of – from the food you eat and from the cream you use!


    Therefore, in the composition of My Mim.Me Face & Body Mousse we have focused on diversity and naturalness.


    With a three-year test period and careful selection, we have developed a Universal Skin Mousse with wide range of vitamins, minerals and a fatty acids. No silicones, no parabens, no water to fill the space and no other poisonous chemicals pointed out here: 


    This is precisely in order to make your skin food table diverse and non-toxic. This way, your skin has a choice and it will get what it needs most - in any case!




    • Vitamins A, D and E act as powerful antioxidants and reduce the harmful effects of free radicals. Together, they support the formation of natural collagen and elastin, which help to improve the texture and the glow of your skin.
    • Strong skin moisturizer, reduces the skin's epidermal layer loss of water and has an epidermal cell membrane's restructuring effect.
    • Prevents premature aging of the skin and makes the aged skin softer and more elastic. It strengthens the skin, reduces stretch marks and wrinkles.
    • Supports oxygenation of skin cells, tissue growth, damaged skin tissue regeneration, and the development of new cells.
    • Relieves mild skin damage, dermatitis, rashes, rosacea, skin rigidity and other skin problems due to dry skin. Helps to prevent skin rash and itchy sensation in psoriasis and eczema.
    • Stimulates capillary circulation and improves skin reoxygenation.
    • Reduces skin damage caused by weather (sun, cold and windy weather) and has a mild anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Thanks to the carrot oil contained in the composition, it helps to keep the lightly tanned skin.


    TO WHO?


    My Mim.Me moisturizing, high moisturizing and softening Mousse is suitable for dry, stressed, tired, sensitive, slightly damaged, aging and inflammatory skin .


    Thanks to the 100% natural and preservative free composition, it is also suitable for pregnant women and young children. My Mim.Me Face & Body Mousse has a mild UV protection factor (2-4).


    My Mim.Me Face & Body Mousse is and will remain forever free of artificial perfumes, silicones, preservatives, emulsifiers, and other additives and empty fillers!


    Store at temperatures up to + 23 degrees (not kept in the sun) and use within 2 months.




    The composition of  My Mim.Me Face & Body Mousse is extremely rich and your skin may not be used to it. So let your skin adapt to the real nutritious boost and use cream at night three times a week or week for over a week. You will know the right rhythm! My Mim.Me Face & Body Mousse is also ideal for use as a frost protection cream and after sunbathing.


    For the body, it is best to spread The Mousse on a moist skin after a shower or sauna. The absorption of the cream takes a few minutes, but after that, your skin is silky, soft and deeply moistened!


    Long lasting changes and renewal of your skin cells takes time. So you will notice the true effects after few months of usage. You will see how your skin starts to glow!




    My Mim.Me Face & Body Mousse is based on Shea, Avocado and Cocoa Butter and contains also 10 different natural oils (such as jojoba, apricot oil, grape seed oil, macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, carrot oil, etc.). Due to this, the spectrum of vitamins and fatty acids in creams is maximally broad. Using My Mim.Me Face & Body Mousse your skin will be supplied with the following vitamins, minerals and fatty acids:


    • Vitamins: A; B1; B2; B5; D; E; F; H; PP Vitamin (Niacin)
    • Fatty acids: Folic Acid; Vegetable sterol (Phytosterol); Amino acid (hystidine) - one of the indispensable amino acids); Lauric Acid; Lecithin; Lignitserine; Linolein; Linoleum; Mythical; Olein; Arachidine; Arachin; Beheen; Erucine; Gadoleen; Gadolein; Palmtin; Palmitoleene; Palmitolein; Palmitol; Stearidone; Stearic
    • Minerals and other: Potassium; Phosphorus; Magnesium; Calcium; Selenium; Copper; Iron; Beta Carotene




    MyMim.Me Face & Body Mousse is made of ONLY 100% Natural Ingredients and it would be false to pack it into the package made of plastic. We care about our product and about nature. So our cream sits comfortably in a glass jar, wrapped in silk paper and packed in a paper bag! We want to be totally plastic free, so we still have to find a solution for plastic stickers, but we are working on it!

    #nomoreplastic #nomorechemicals #allnatural


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Only 1000 pieces of 60 ml MyMim.Me Face Mousse jars, and 100 pieces of 30 ml MyMim.Me Tiny jars (for testing) are made in one year, so hurry to pre-order yours. 

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