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I am glad that there are more and more women who take skin care seriously, and I am glad that YOU are one of them!

You wanted to know the real secret weapon of beautiful youthful skin and have an advantage over other peers. This secret weapon is very simple - from a certain age your skin needs more than most of the advertised creams  contain (up to about 25% water, emulsifiers, other chemicals and only a few percent of the advertised active ingredient).


Most women would look many times younger if they only read these labels more carefully.


Because how do you feel about the fact that if the fingertip cream you put on your face contains almost 75% completely empty fillers such as water, etc., isn't it too expensive water, emulsifiers and preservatives you are used to using on a daily basis? How can such a composition give your skin what it really needs and slow down the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles?


After all, your skin has long been thirsty for many different fatty acids.


That's how MyMim.Me Mousse got its start. From awareness, getting to know the human body, studies, research, testing for years, also testing on one's own skin, the desire to stay young longer, the desire to have an unfair advantage and secret weapon …


However, a cream that contains 100% of the various beneficial ingredients and fatty acids may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, please read the list below carefully. Only when it seems to have been written just for you can MyMim.Me Mousse may help you and be also your secret weapon!


  1. You are 35 or older.

  2. You have dry skin.

  3. The first wrinkles begin to appear.

  4. You can't take care of yourself enough, make masks often enough, or visit beauty salon often enough.

  5. You don't like preservatives, silicones, emulsifiers and other additives and you definitely want to avoid them.

  6. You want to make sure that your skin is not only superficially but also deeply moisturized.

  7. You want to delay the aging of your skin and look bright and youthful also in ten years.

  8. You agree to wait for these results.

  9. You are not bothered by the rich composition of the cream and its long absorption time.

  10. You are aware that most mass-produced fast-acting creams only hide blemishes, actually leave the skin hungry and, when used for a long time, accelerate the formation of wrinkles.

  11. You are pregnant and want to prevent toxins from reaching your baby.

  12. You want your skin to get the fatty acids and nutrients it needs.

  13. You and your family like to be outside for a long time in winter and need a cream that does not contain water and protects against the cold.

  14. You need something to relieve the mild sunburn.

  15. You are a smoker and your skin needs are greater than other peers.



  1. You're the type who tends to fall victim to every new campaign.

  2. You are in financial difficulties and you cannot afford a cream for 29 euros at the moment.

  3. You want an immediate income and prefer today's good looks to tomorrow.

  4. You have no perseverance.

  5. It bothers you if your skin is oily for a while.

  6. It does not matter to you that the cream is also good for health and does not contain harmful additives.

In order for your cream not to be waiting for you somewhere in stock or on the store shelf, we produce MyMim.Me Mousse according to the orders. Fresh product to the customer! 


Therefore, if you also want to stay younger for longer, have an advantage over other peers and place an order, fill in the form below and give us at least 5 days to deliver the goods to you after paying the invoice. MyMim.Me Mousse 60 ml is priced at 29 euros and delivery is free.

I wish you a wonderful day, successful new beginnings and forever youthful skin!

MyMim.Me founder Mimmi (who has only been using MyMim.Me Mousse for 7 years)

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